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Face Swap is an app from Microsoft that lets you take a selfie and then put your face on top of any other image. You can put your face on anyone, including the protagonists of some pretty famous photographs.

Using Face Swap is as easy as taking a selfie and waiting a couple of seconds for the app to process the image. Once this super brief process is complete, you can start placing your money maker on any other picture. As an awesome added bonus, the app shows you a list of categories like hairstyles, tattoos, fashion, etc.

Although Face Swap shows you a list of pictures where you can place your face, you can also do it with practically any other picture floating around on the internet. The app detects (by itself) where that person’s face is and how the swap would look best.

Face Swap is a super fun app that helps you make hilarious creations in just a few seconds. Keep in mind that some of the results are better than others but they’ll always be hilarious regardless.
Face Swap lets you superimpose your own face on any pic

If you've ever fancied seeing your own face on another body, well, the wait is finally over. Face Swap lets you superimpose your face over anybody else's in a picture and view the funny result. This free Android app has been developed by Microsoft and the result couldn't be more hilarious.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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